Our country fines 50 cents for animal cruelty

Photo by Ryan Stone via Unsplash

Familiar headlines

Just a few days ago, a black leopard was killed in Sri Lanka after it was trapped in a hunter’s snare. Tragic I know. But it’s not news. It happens too often to be considered news.

The 100-year-old bill

The bill that protects the animals in Sri Lanka was passed in 1907 and has never been updated. The bill that protects our animals is more than 100 years old. Just let that sink in.

Justice that never came for Charlie

Charlie was a labrador from Negombo who was burnt alive in his outdoor kennel on new year’s eve of 2019. Another horrible but familiar headline to wake up to on new years.

people rallying for animal rights

If not now, when?

So many governments have changed. We have had revolutionaries who brought upon “yahapalanaya” to the country. Technocrats who changed the landscape of Sri Lankan politics. But one thing they all have in common is the fact that they don’t give a fuck about our animals.



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