Merci, Emmanuel Macron

How dare he use the “i” word?!

We live in a politically correct world where we value “not hurting someone's feelings” over facts and reason.

“A few bad apples”

Ah yes, the age-old argument that not every Muslim is a terrorist. Yes, obviously they’re not. But at the same time, we shouldn’t shy away from acknowledging how many radical-minded people are out there.

Someone has to address the ugly truth

…And that someone, at the moment, is Emmanuel Macron.

لا شيئ يجعلنا نتراجع، أبداً. نحترم كل أوجه الاختلاف بروح السلام. لا نقبل أبداً خطاب الحقد وندافع عن النقاش العقلاني. سنقف دوماً إلى جانب كرامة الإنسانوالقيم العالمية.



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