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I design things for humans. Product Designer and Writer from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 Find me:
a mock hero section with a headline, subheading, call-to-action and an illustration
a mock hero section with a headline, subheading, call-to-action and an illustration

You might have noticed that most websites you visit on the internet look pretty much alike. If you take the hero section, for example, it has a big-ass heading at the top, a small subheading, a call-to-action below that, and all of that accompanied by a cute little illustration on the side. This is done deliberately, and here’s the reason.

Last week UX is a series of articles that I’m planning to write about the user experiences I come across on various products each week. This will be the first-ever issue of what I hope will be of many more to come. It’s mostly UX issues that stood out to me but I’ll try to include things that impressed me as well :)

Let’s make better forms ✍🏼

I wanna kick things off with some issues that I faced while filling up some forms online.

To start things off, we have, a “creative research” platform. As many of you designers must know, …

So I’ve been using Big Sur for the past week or so (Insert MKBHD joke here), and for the most part, it’s been holding up really well. But design-wise, it still has room for improvements and stuff that I straight up don’t dig. So if you feel like listening to my rants today, keep reading 😉.

Via The Verge

A little disclaimer

Okay, I don't like disclaimers as much as the next person, but I gotta mention the obvious. These are some thoughts I have about Apple’s new update to macOS from a UX design point of view. …

The declaration to protect freedom of expression in France goes all the way back to 1789. Two centuries later, the country is in a critical state to protect these values. And one man is at the center of it, leading the fight for a free France in a politically correct world.

Just over a week ago a school teacher was beheaded on the streets of Paris in broad daylight. What did he do wrong? He used the cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, from the 2006 Chalie Hebdo incident, to give context for a freedom of expression class in school.

Frimi is the leading finance app in Sri Lanka and design is by far it’s selling point. In a country where very little effort is put into the UX aspect of apps, I tried to redesign the Frimi app to see how far we can go with good design combined with immense demand for a service.


A while ago, I did a UX review of Frimi’s “payment flow”. …

Local banking apps in Sri Lanka aren’t known for their great UX. It’s quite evident companies don’t invest a lot in design here and I have come across several examples that prove my point.

Frimi, a local banking app, is one that I use on a regular basis. It’s very useful and has plenty of use cases for people. But there’s a long way for it to go in terms of its design. Here are a few improvements to improve their payment flow.


It’s not long ago that Sri Lanka made headlines for our hospitality for stranded tourists during the Coronavirus pandemic. But how good are we at transferring that humanity and compassion towards animals? Apparently not very good.

Photo by Ryan Stone via Unsplash

The fine for animal cruelty in Sri Lanka is Rs. 100, which translates to 50 cents American. How did we get here?

Familiar headlines

Just a few days ago, a black leopard was killed in Sri Lanka after it was trapped in a hunter’s snare. Tragic I know. But it’s not news. It happens too often to be considered news.

Be it if you’re on your daily commute, looking to sharpen your skills, or just plain bored, books are always there for you. Here are some great books to not just keep you busy during these tough times, but to take you to the next level.

An illustration containing the book covers
An illustration containing the book covers

1. Sprint (Okay, the usual suspect first)

A free-roaming drug addict, by standing villagers, and an unexpecting military group. This is the tale of Patient 206. The Sri Lankan Coronavirus super spreader.

A crowd of people. Some wearing masks
A crowd of people. Some wearing masks
the new normal.

It was the first week of April. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Just another day in locked-down Sri Lanka. It’s funny, isn’t it? How a world where social interaction banned by the state is now the new normal?

By now, most of you must be familiar with the growing legal battle between Spotify and Apple. It’s nothing new, Spotify’s antitrust lawsuit has been going on for years now. But do their claims actually hold up?

Some context before we get to the fun stuff.

The Spotify Apple Beef

On March 13th, 2019, Spotify filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Union. Their claim; Apple’s 30% tax cut is stifling innovation and limiting consumer choice.

What’s included in Apple’s 30% tax cut

Apple takes a…

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